Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Code of Conduct

Everyone has a code of conduct that he or she lives by. This is mine:

1. When in doubt, always buy the red shoes.
2. Give it forward. Always give baby gifts and wedding presents.
3. Always support Legal aid.
4. Wear matching bras and underwear.
5. It's okay to cry at the movies.
6. Eat what you like as long as you are hungry.
7. If you are scared of something that is not really dangerous, it's a good sign that you should do it.
8. Dress up, have manners, and be civil.
9. Please yourself.
10. Laugh more.
11. Dress your children exactly how you wish for as long as they let you. Don't save the "special" clothes.
12. Dance at weddings.
13. Have more picnics.
14. Sing in the car.
15. Promptly send thank you notes.
16. Use good skin care.

And lots of love, always.

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