Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shopping, as event

When Fred Astaire goes shopping for Judy Garland, he comes away with colorful boxes tied with satin ribbons and a supporting cast to carry them behind him.

When I go shopping, I have Target bags rolling around in the back of my car.

How to reconcile the two?

I have been to some stores where they take the time to carefully wrap up your purchases, because the exchange of money for goods is an event. This happens more frequently when you have purchased something special. For example, I have been to one chocolate store, in particular, where a white-gloved sales clerk handles the chocolates you select as if they were jewels. Likewise with a jewelry store I like--even the box is an event.

I think the sale clerk at Target would look at me crooked if I asked her to wrap up the diapers and get a porter for me, though. Oh well.

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