Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On being polite

Unfortunately I have been lax in my courtesy with my son's birthday party. Honestly, the big day snuck up on me. There was vacation and then a wedding and then I was sick and did it get to be a week away! Eek!

So, I'm hopelessly unorganized and hopelessly unorganized translates to impoliteness. The invitations have been an unholy mix of telephone calls, text messages, and a few written invitations. The proper thing, of course, is to call everyone two to three weeks in advance. I'm not even sure that everyone who should know about it does. Ah, well. The best intentions....

So, of course, politeness is always elegant. But busy moms can't let their sons not have a big day when everyone gets together all at once around a cake and sings "Happy Birthday."

N.B. I do not think that my son needs any presents of any import. He really does just love the point in the party when everyone sings. So my apologies to the universe for being lax and I'll try better for my daughter's birthday party in October!

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