Monday, August 17, 2009

Use what you've got

I received flowers yesterday (thanks, Karen!) but the baby was sleeping in the stroller, which was blocking the cabinet where I keep the vases I normally use. Rather than move her and risk waking the sleeping child, I looked around.

Fortunately, our house was built in 1913 and came with a lot of accessories. I remembered that I had a large pink art-deco fan-shaped vase that came with our house.
I've never used a vase like that before. But I'm well pleased.

Instead of being bunched in a dome, the flowers form a single-layer fan across the top. It's good to be resourceful and try something new.

Of course it also helps to live in an antique shop (well, this is practically an antique shop), but the principle is the same wherever you live. For example, I love arranging flowers in Mason jars too. So elegant!

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