Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do one thing at a time

I saw something recently--and I don't know if it's true--about a woman who was arrested for driving while breastfeeding and talking on the phone. All at the same time. Again, not sure if it is true, but isn't that a symbol of our harried world? And, frankly, I could see it happening to me if I wasn't the law-abiding citizen that I am.

It's much more elegant to do one thing at a time.

The worse I have found myself is simultaneously drinking coffee and brushing my teeth, which was comical, in a way, but also sad.

There are, of course, many things that are elegant when done together, but that is more a matter of synergy. For example, sitting at dinner with interesting people and having a good conversation with good food and drink. Or listening to music while you do something you enjoy (like reading or writing) or don't enjoy (like cleaning the house). But doing only one at a time is more elegant.

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