Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the dangers of coffee to go

When I was in law school, my friend and I agreed that we were uncivilized because we drank our coffee in cups with a lid. Civilized people drank their coffee in cups with a saucer. She gave me a darling white cup and saucer upon our graduation from law school as a present.

Fast forward a decade. I have two small children and despite the fact that I attempt to allow an extra fifteen minutes for everything that I do...well, in the morning I'm still running late and frequently attempt to bring coffee to go in the car. Bad idea. It almost always spills. It's fallen off of the car roof while I opened the door, spilled on my seat, spilled on the passenger seat, spilled on my suit. When I do manage to not spill all of it, then there is the driving and slurping, which is more like injecting caffeine rather than having breakfast. And don't get me started on the paper to go cups from the coffee shop... All in all, not elegant.

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