Friday, July 17, 2009

On not being boring

My Swiss friend Sonja came to visit earlier this year and made me strawberries macerated with freshly ground black pepper. (Note to Dad: "macerated" means that the berries are softened by something, normally sugar, which causes them to release their juices.) Although unusual, black pepper made it an unexpectedly elegant dessert, especially with good vanilla ice cream. It brought out the redness and sweetness of the strawberries. Although you noticed the pepper as unusual, it was nevertheless harmonious. On a nice evening, with nice company, it was quite memorable. It certainly wasn't boring.

I believe this idea translates into other areas of life, for example clothing. The normal advice is to wear classic colors and shapes to be elegant. Good advice, but it can be boring.
A challenge is to come up with the sartorial equivalent of black pepper on strawberries. Perhaps it's a gentleman wearing a seersucker suit on a hot day. Unusual, yet harmonious and unexpected all at the same time. And frequently memorable.

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